Learn to play the Banjo!

 “I love string instruments and I love to teach. Let me discover your individual learning style. The inner smile that happens when a student finally “gets it” is what makes my day. I teach in Burlington and in Andover at The Real School of Music, and at your home on the weekends. Please get in touch for more information.“



Tim Rowell has been playing banjo for more than 30 years.  Having been heavily influenced as a young lad by Pete Seeger and a whole bunch of wonderful musicians from the Hudson River Valley, Tim eventually discovered a deep affection for southern Appalachian string band music.

Tim is the director of the Traditional Music Project at The Real School of Music in Burlington, Mass. and teaches privately from Boston, Cambridge and Somerville through the North Shore and Metro West.

You can catch Tim playing clawhammer banjo around town with his old-time string bands, Jubilee Mule and The Hi-Tone Ramblers. In addition to banjo, Tim teaches beginning music lessons for mandolin, ukulele, and dulcimer.

Join Tim and others in Old-Time Music Jams at The Real School of Music on the 2nd and 4th Thursday night of each month from 7 til 9 pm.  Cost $5... there’s plenty of parking and we’re handicapped accessible!

Clawhammer Banjo Lessons with Tim Rowell


What They’re Saying


I began playing old-time music in the early 1950’s. Last year, after a forty-year hiatus, I took up frailing again with Tim as my teacher. I am cranky and hesitant. Tim is neither. He has a great, enthusiastic spirit and a vast knowledge of music that supports his practical instruction minute by minute in the lesson. He listens to me play with the deepest seriousness. He appreciates my real accomplishments. I have not only grown in confidence and technical ability, but in determination, and the work itself has become a great pleasure. 

                                                             —  Tom Schweitzer

I am a banjo student with Tim Rowell and have been taking weekly lessons with him for the past year. As an adult taking up an instrument for the first time, I can enthus–iastically recommend Tim as a teacher. In a year I’ve made more progress on the banjo than I ever thought possible, learned a lot about the instrument and the music I’m playing, and had a great time doing it.

As I’ve gotten to know Tim I’ve found him to be a talented musician who is well-versed in music theory and practice, and able to communicate what he knows in a way that is meaningful to a beginning student. In my lessons he will often try different approaches to teaching to find what works best for my learning style, something that I truly appreciate. Tim also possesses personal qualities that make him an excellent teacher: he is extremely personable, incredibly patient, and is passionate about sharing his love of music.

I highly recommend Tim as a banjo teacher, and for any role involving music and enthusiastic participation with others. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
                                                             — Mandy Cromwell